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Our Focus is to build a long term relationship that is focused on delivering the business services that small business needs to keep growing and producing higher profits. Our programs are focused on maintaining your back office, and building business credibility and viability thus making the business entity a valuable asset.


We know how busy you are and this can result in juggling too many things, resulting in things that may be harmful to your business bank account and to your vendors. We provide the freedom and the discipline for you to concentrate on running and growing your business while we build your financial fitness.

We work to make your business entity stand on it’s own. This means it becomes the basis for the approval of credit for vendors and credit facilities. This financial standing allows the business to borrow low cost money and makes the the business more valuable for growth, franchising and sale.

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Stop NSF’s

Stop Negative Balances

Prompt Billing & Collections

Accurate Record Keeping

Build Business Credit

Discounted Funding and Cash Flow

Enhanced Vendor and Creditor Negotiations

True Business Viability and Credibility

Faster Growth

Bookkeeping and Accounting Services


and much more

Specifically Designed Programs for Eash Business

Step 1: Getting to Know You and Your Business

This is where we really get to know your business. We learn what your dreams are, the positive and the negatives, where you are financially and what your timeline is to accomplish your business goals. We are not only here to provide services that you need and save you money, we are here to live and breathe your dreams and goals. A true Partnership.

  • Review current financial s

  • Identify issues and discuss options

  • Develop a plan of action to reach goals

  • Set up communication plan

Step 2: Plan and Agreement

Once we have completed step 1, we then form a plan and finalize an agreement that will fit within the budget. These items are personalized and developed strictly based on our research and discussions during step 1. They are geared towards surpassing your growth and other business goals.

Step 3 – We go to work!

Communication is an important part of the partnership, so we keep you updated on all levels. You even have simple cloud access to review all financial and bank records, and all other working parts of the program. It’s simple, you will be able to see how your business is growing with just a click of the mouse, and you will be able to do this from any device and from any location.

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