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Growing your business is like that old adage “It takes money to make money”. But getting the capital you need can sometimes be very difficult. Banks do not understand small business and on the average decline 86% of all business loan applications. It just seems like you need to have double the money you need deposited in the bank, and even then its a fifty-fifty chance that you will get approved. Alternative lenders have made a big splash into the market, because they understand small business. The product line has been expanding and it allows small businesses to get the cash they need to grow and expand their business. 

All business is not the same, every business owner has different values, different goals and very different needs. But, one thing they have in common is they want to be successful and grow. That’s why it is important to understand that and work to meet those needs from the present and into the future. 

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Qualifying for a Business Loan

Qualifying for a business loan can seem like a ruthless endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be. It has become possible for almost every business to get some sought of capital to grow their business. Depending on the need of the business, and the risk imposed by the business entity, rates and or payback schedule can widely fluctuate. Many financing options are not based on credit as much it is based on the amount of business income. 

It is important to run your business as a business, meaning maintaining proper records, and building the credibility of the business the business. All lending whether personal or business is risk based, the less information or lending criteria you can not meet the higher the rates. 

Based on your business needs we can provide you interim financing while we work to get your business primed for optimal financing with larger loan amounts and lower rates, providing you the access to cash right at your finger tips.

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Cash Advance

This is not a typical loan, it is really an advance of funds for future sales. This could be based on credit card sales, cash sales, or a combination of both. Funding amounts vary based on risk and typically ranges from 50-125% of monthly deposits, with payments that are based on a factor rate.  Easy to qualify….

  • Credit Scores down  to 400
  • Minimum Monthly Volume  15k
  • Minimum 3 months in business
  • Tax Liens & Judgements -ok

Approval in 24 hours with money deposited directly into your business account.

Payments are taken directly from your account which represents a small percentage of your daily sales. These payments can be daily or weekly.

Items Needed for Submission

  • Simple 1 Page Application
  • 3 Months Recent Business Bank Statements
  • Ownership Articles
  • Photo ID
  • Voided Business Check

Platinum Advance

This is a step above the typical cash advance. Although your volume of deposits are considered it is more heavily based on affordability, which allows for higher loan amounts. Monthly payments and up to a 10 year terms, allows you to manage your money more exclusively. Easy to qualify…….

  • Credit Scores down to 500
  • No minimum Volume
  • Minimum 3 months in business
  • Daily and ending balances considered for approval

Approval and money deposited directly into your business account.

Payments are automatically withdrawn from business account each month, as a fixed amount.

Items for Submission

  • Simple 1 Page Application
  • 3 Months Recent Business Bank Statements
  • Ownership Articles
  • Photo ID
  • Voided Business Check

Other Business Loans

Other business loans consist of…

Business Loans


Business Lines of Credit

The above mentioned types are financing that requires moderate qualification process. The process includes business tax returns that must show profitability along with business viability and  a high bank account credit rating, typically disqualifying a majority of small businesses. A bank or lender reviewing viability, is the review of business credit and other points of interest that the lenders and banks review to see that your business is credible. One of the reasons for bank turndowns is the lack of business credit, but they will never provide you the reason for the decline. 

As part of our process is to help you develop this area of your business, which allows you to easily get financing at low rates.  

 These other programs require:

2-3 Years Business Tax Returns (no loses)

4 Months Bank Statements (no NSf’s & High Balances

2 Years personal tax returns*

High Credit Score*

Business Credit*

2 Years in Business

Notes: the items with the asterisk may be required by many lenders, especially if there is no acceptable business credit established. Especially with SBA loans, which rely on high personal credit and profitability. 



Equipment Leasing

Equipment leasing is a way to maintain your cash and get the equipment you need to grow your business. Programs are available with 0%, low rates and flexible terms. These leasing programs can be used for new or used equipment and from a vendor of your choice. Easy qualifications include a credit score down to 550, affordability based on monthly deposits and a single page application.

For any business purpose……

  • Equipment / Machinery
  • Vehicles
  • Furniture
  • Computes, software and Tech items
  • Medical
  •  Construction
  • and much more..
Purchase and Receivable Factoring

Whether you are looking for money to complete a customers project or to get the money you need from outstanding receivables our factoring programs can provide you the cash flow you need to complete more projects and keep the cash flowing as your business requires. Unlike other financing programs, weight is not only laid upon you but also on the credibility of your client.

Many manufacturing, service and other types of business are able to obtain up to 100% of the cash needed to complete the order and up to 90% of their receivables. 

Stop waiting 30-60-90 days to get paid, receivable factoring will get you your money Now. 

Don’t lose a job because of the lack of cash, purchase factoring will build your business.


Invest In Small Business

Small business is the core of our communities. By investing in small business, you can help other businesses grow while earning huge returns on your investment.  All investments guaranteed and secured. Start off with a low investment and build your future.

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